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[Server Money Making Series] Traffmonetizer: Earn money by utilizing your server's idle bandwidth


Previously, I introduced a project called Peer2Profit and explained how to use it to earn some extra income for your server. Today, I want to introduce a similar new project called Traffmonetizer, which also allows you to earn money using your idle bandwidth.


Traffmonetizer is a platform that allows you to earn money using your idle network traffic. By installing the Traffmonetizer application, you can connect your device to a global network and provide services for various market research and data collection purposes. These services include website availability testing, ad verification, streaming content delivery, bypassing regional restrictions, and web scraping.

Traffmonetizer does not affect your normal internet usage or device functionality, nor does it disclose your personal information or privacy. It only utilizes a small portion of your device's idle network traffic and ensures security and transparency through encryption and anonymization technologies.

Unlike domestic CDNs, this project values the worth of your IP rather than just the traffic. Compared to Peer2Profit, the actual earnings may be slightly lower, but since you can mount both projects simultaneously without affecting your earnings, why not take advantage of another channel? You can register an account on their official website, and I will guide you on how to mount and use it.

How to Mount Traffmonetizer#

Using Traffmonetizer is very simple and only requires four steps:

  1. Register for a Traffmonetizer account and obtain an access token.

  2. Install the Traffmonetizer application on your device, which supports Windows, Android, MacOS, and Docker Hub.

  3. Traffmonetizer will utilize a small portion of your device's idle network traffic to complete tasks without affecting your normal internet usage.

  4. Track the traffic you provide and the income you earn through your account dashboard. You can withdraw your earnings to PayPal or other payment methods at any time.

After registering and logging into Traffmonetizer, you can obtain your token from the dashboard.


Once you have the token, you can download the corresponding software for your platform on the right side. Here, I will mainly explain how to mount Traffmonetizer using Docker. If you don't know how to install Docker, you can refer to my previous article on Peer2Profit. Here is Traffmonetizer's Docker homepage.

First, pull the corresponding version of the Docker Image in the command line.

docker pull traffmonetizer/cli:latest

docker pull traffmonetizer/cli:arm64v8

docker pull traffmonetizer/cli:arm32v7

Run the Docker application, and you will need the token you obtained from the official website.

docker run -d --name tm traffmonetizer/cli start accept --token {TOKEN} --device-name {choose a nickname for your device, you can omit --device-name if not needed}

After a few minutes, you can see that your device has connected to the network and started generating profit in the backend Stats on the official website.



Traffmonetizer is a secure, transparent, efficient, and fun way to earn money. You can turn the application on or off at any time and set how much traffic you want to provide each day. In short, Traffmonetizer is a platform that allows you to earn money using your idle network traffic, requiring minimal time and effort. If you want to try this innovative and simple way of earning money, please click the link to register and download Traffmonetizer!

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