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[Monument] Goodbye Printworks, let's raise our glasses for one last celebration.


Today I received an email from Printworks about the Closing Weekend Lineup. Although I had heard that Printworks was about to reach its climax, I couldn't help but feel a little sad. I remember back in 2021, during the pandemic, when I went to Printworks for the first time to see the Chemical Brothers perform. It was also my first time going to an Underground Club to enjoy electronic music.

This year, I saw Kx5 perform at Printworks. I won't say much about the combination of Deadmau5 and Kaskade, but fortunately, the organizers didn't put them together for the performance (a wise choice), otherwise, it would have been a commercial mess. Kx5's performance at Printworks was their only show in Europe during this tour, with the rest being in North America. This speaks volumes about Printworks' position in the electronic music industry. Perhaps the organizers wanted to make Printworks more memorable in its final moments.

Everyone's PRINTWORKS#


Printworks used to be a printing factory but was later transformed into a landmark venue that combines modern art and music culture. Over the years, it has hosted many large-scale music events and has become a sacred place in the hearts of music lovers.

Music Events#

On the stage of Printworks, countless outstanding artists have performed, bringing one amazing music feast after another to the audience. Various music festivals, concerts, and live performances have been held here, showcasing the infinite charm of music.

Influence and Honors#

As one of the globally renowned music venues, Printworks has won numerous awards at major music award ceremonies, demonstrating its unique influence. It has nurtured many music legends and has become a holy place for music fans worldwide. In the DJMag's ranking, Printworks has consistently been in the top five. It has also been featured as one of the filming locations for the new Batman. Yes, the nightclub of the villain in Batman is indeed Printworks in the real world (I noticed the resemblance while watching the movie and googled it to confirm).

The Final Celebration: A Farewell Music Extravaganza#

Printworks, as a versatile event space in the heart of London, has been a gathering place for many music enthusiasts. However, due to the ongoing impact and restrictions of the pandemic, Printworks has announced the closure of its current venue and will host a final music extravaganza.

This news has saddened many people because Printworks is not just a music venue, but also a vibrant and creative community that attracts artists, musicians, and creative talents from around the world. Over the past six years, we have witnessed the flourishing development of various music genres from Techno to Melodic House, from Disco to Bass.

But Printworks will not fade away. On the contrary, it will continue to exist in a different way and provide even more exciting experiences for music lovers. Therefore, let us raise a glass to the past and future of Printworks and join in the final celebration.


The lineup for the farewell music extravaganza is powerful, featuring numerous renowned music producers who will bring a perfect conclusion to Printworks with their music. At the same time, this event also provides an opportunity for emerging artists to showcase their talents and embrace a new chapter in the music industry.

The opening performance will be a collaboration with BBC Radio 1 Dance, featuring Black Coffee's highly anticipated debut at Printworks.

The Saturday performance will explore the beauty of melodic electronic music, with a lineup including Camelphat, Stephan Bodzin [live], Mind Against, and more.

The third performance in the series is specially prepared for bass music enthusiasts, featuring Sub Focus & Dimension & MC ID, Kings Of The Rollers & Inja, and more. In addition, a special guest will be announced soon.

On the bank holiday Monday, there will be a celebration featuring various electronic music styles, with performances by Peggy Gou, Róisín Murphy [Live], Folamour, Dixon, TSHA, HAAi, DJ Koze, SHERELLE, and I. JORDAN.

Continuation of Printworks' Musical Legacy#

Emerging Music Events#

Although Printworks is bidding farewell, its musical legacy will continue in generations of music events. In the future, we will see more innovative music festivals that reinterpret the musical spirit represented by Printworks in new forms.

The Future of the Music Industry#

With the development of technology, the music industry is facing tremendous changes. Cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence will have a profound impact on the music industry, bringing new possibilities for music creation and performance.

Reflecting on Printworks' Glorious Journey#

As we bid farewell to Printworks, let us reflect on its glorious journey. It has witnessed the prosperity and development of music, bringing countless wonderful memories to music fans worldwide. Although Printworks is about to close, its musical legacy will forever remain.

The Rise of Emerging Music Festivals#

Inspired by the influence of Printworks, we will see the emergence of more creative and distinctive music festivals in the future. These emerging music festivals will become new favorites of music fans worldwide with their unique artistic expressions and captivating live atmosphere.

Music festivals are emerging worldwide. From the Americas to Asia, from Europe to Africa, music festivals have become an important platform for people to enjoy music. With the vigorous development of the new music industry, we have reason to believe that future music extravaganzas will be even more exciting.


As we look back on Printworks' glorious journey and look forward to the future of the music industry, we are filled with anticipation. As Printworks prepares to bid farewell, let us raise our glasses and say goodbye to this music sanctuary with one final celebration. Although farewells are always bittersweet, music never stops, and we will continue to embrace new chapters in music.

Let us enjoy music, dance, and sing together during this final gathering, creating unforgettable moments. Let us raise our glasses together and thank Printworks for the endless joy and inspiration it has brought us, wishing it continued success in its new journey!

See you at the Closing Weekend!

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