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About Ruowen

Welcome to my personal blog "Ruowei"! I am Royc30ne, a student who loves computer science, photography, electronic music, and credit cards. This blog is a place for me to share my study notes, personal insights, and hobbies.

I am particularly interested in computer science, especially in the field of artificial intelligence. I am currently studying computer science in the UK and have been exploring how to apply AI to different fields such as healthcare, finance, and social media. In this blog, I will share my experiences, problem-solving methods, and my views on the future of artificial intelligence.

In addition to computer science, I also have a passion for photography. I enjoy capturing beautiful moments in life and exploring different corners of the world through my camera. In this blog, I will share my photography works, shooting techniques, and insights, hoping to share the beauty with everyone.

Furthermore, I am also a fan of electronic music. I love exploring various types of music and creating my own music. In this blog, I will share my favorite music, my creations, and the production process.

Lastly, credit cards are also a topic that I am very interested in. I enjoy exploring different types of credit cards, understanding their advantages and disadvantages, and how to use them for financial management. In this blog, I will share my knowledge, experiences, and insights on credit cards.

Thank you for visiting my blog "Ruowei". I hope you can find useful information and inspiration here. I also welcome you to communicate with me and share your thoughts and insights.

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