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[Server Evaluation] DigitVirt Hong Kong Node CMI Line Evaluation: 10Gbps Ultra-Large Bandwidth | Direct Connection to Three Networks | AMD EPYC


Today I want to introduce to you a new VPS product that I recently acquired - the DigitVirt Hong Kong CMI Line VPS. DigitVirt is a Chinese merchant that mainly provides KVM VPS. Their data centers include Los Angeles GIA, Los Angeles 9929, Hong Kong CMI, and Japan SoftBank lines. The reason I chose the Hong Kong CMI line is because it has the following features: optional 10Gbps port (monthly payment of 50 yuan, annual payment of 500 yuan), mandatory CMI for three-network return, allocation of native Hong Kong IP, support for IPv6, and a much higher cost-performance ratio compared to CN2 GIA lines. These features make it very suitable for internet access, stable website building, and other needs. In this blog post, I will provide a detailed introduction to the configuration, price, performance testing, and user experience of the DigitVirt Hong Kong CMI Line VPS, as well as my evaluation and recommendations.

Configuration and Price#

DigitVirt's Hong Kong CMI Line VPS uses AMD EPYC CPU and NVMe hard drives, with excellent performance and dedicated vCPUs. It offers a variety of configurations to choose from, starting at 49 yuan per month for the lowest configuration of 1 core, 1G RAM, 10GB SSD, and 200Mbps @ 1TB bandwidth. There are discounts for annual payment, two-year payment, three-year payment, and perpetual payment, which you can check on the official website for detailed promotions.

Below is the configuration table provided on the official website:

Package NameCPU CoresRAMHard DriveBandwidthMonthly TrafficPrice
C1-1C1G1 Core1G10G SSD200Mbps Dedicated1T/month49 CNY per month
C2-1C2G1 Core2G20G SSD300Mbps Dedicated2T/month99 CNY per month
C3-2C2G2 Cores2G30G SSD400Mbps Dedicated3T/month199 CNY per month
C4-2C4G2 Cores4G50G SSD500Mbps Dedicated5T/month399 CNY per month
PC1-2C2G2 Cores2G20G Nvme1Gbps/10Gbps Dedicated2T/month199 CNY per month
PC2-2C4G2 Cores4G40G Nvme1Gbps/10Gbps Dedicated4T/month399 CNY per month
PC3-4C8G4 Cores8G60G Nvme1Gbps/10Gbps Dedicated6T/month699 CNY per month
PC4-8C8G8 Cores8G80G Nvme1Gbps/10Gbps Dedicated10T/month1099 CNY per month

For the PC package, an additional 50 yuan per month is required to upgrade the bandwidth to 10Gbps. However, I believe that 1Gbps should be sufficient for many users. The product I purchased this time is PC1-2C2G, and I will provide a detailed review of this package for everyone.

Performance Testing#



As you can see, the server uses the AMD EPYC 7402P CPU, so there is no need to worry about performance. It can also reach over 1000 in the GB6 test. You can compare it with the performance of other servers here if you are interested. From the graph, you can see that the IO read and write performance also meets the standards of NVMe.

Media Unlocking#


Network Testing#


Three-network return


Three-network speed test


International network speed

Due to non-native IP reasons, Youtube Premium and OpenAI did not unlock properly. However, fortunately, common platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon, and Steam can be unlocked normally. Thanks to the mandatory CMI line with three-network return, the latency is quite acceptable, except for poor performance during peak hours for China Telecom. This latency and speed are quite friendly for mobile users. The domestic network speed can also reach approximately 1Gbps, and the global network speed is also quite impressive.

Summary and Evaluation#

Based on the evaluation and user experience of the DigitVirt Hong Kong CMI Line VPS, I believe that this is a highly recommended product. It has the following advantages:

  • Low latency: Mandatory CMI for three-network return, fast access to domestic and international websites.

  • Large bandwidth: Optional 10Gbps port (additional 50 yuan per month for discount), enjoying ultra-high speed.

  • Strong performance: AMD EPYC CPU and NVMe hard drives, with dedicated vCPUs.

  • Support for IPv6: Allocation of IPv6 address range.

Of course, there are also some areas to be cautious about:

  • Stability needs to be observed: Since it is a newly launched line, it is not clear whether there will be any malfunctions or disruptions.

Overall, the DigitVirt Hong Kong CMI Line VPS is a product with a very high cost-performance ratio. If you are interested in this product, you can click on the link below to purchase on the official website.

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