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[Server Evaluation] DesiVPS US Node in Los Angeles

DesiVPS is a provider of VPS, cloud servers, dedicated servers, and other services, headquartered in India. DesiVPS has server nodes around the world and offers a variety of VPS options with different configurations to meet the needs of different users. Among them, DesiVPS's LA node is located in Los Angeles, USA, and is one of the company's most popular nodes.

The blogger happened to purchase a small VPS in the LA node during the Lunar Year Special Discount. Because it only cost $15 per year after the discount, I decisively took advantage of the opportunity.


First, let me briefly introduce the configuration of this VPS.


DesiVPS US LA Node

CPUSingle-core E5-2620 v2
BandwidthShared 1Gbps
Storage20G SSD
IP1x Dedicated IPv4


Considering the price of this server, I didn't have high expectations for its performance. As you can see below, the IO performance is decent and usable.


IO Performance

Now let's move on to the more noteworthy speed tests of the three major networks.


Network Speed Tests

Due to the lack of optimization in the network, the latency is generally above 150+. The upload and download speeds to China are also around 100Mbps. However, considering the price of only $15 per year and unlimited traffic, it is sufficient to run small applications and create personal blogs. Overall, it is a cost-effective entry-level VPS that is very suitable for beginners to practice and learn Linux.

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